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Please find below the Nifty Outlook and Trading ideas for 3rd March 2014, given to our clients before market opening.
Nifty Outlook – As we have kept on mentioning that if Nifty sustains above 6110 – 6120 mark, Nifty will catch the uptrend for short term and above 6280-6290, Nifty has the potential to touch 6320-6325 mark. Nifty has taken a strong support at 5945 and 6000 mark for short term. 


Security Name Previous Close Buy Above Buy Target  Buy Stop Loss Sell Below Sell Target Sell Stop Loss
Bank of Baroda 551.15 553.3 560.2 548.3 547.8 542.1 554.3
Tata Steel 343.8 345.2 349.7 342.0 341.7 337.9 345.7
Tata Motors 416.95 418.3 422.7 415.2 414.9 411.2 418.8
Reliance 799.95 801.6 807.0 797.3 796.3 792.9 802.6
M&M Ltd 974.5 977.1 985.6 971.5 971.2 963.4 977.6
Larsen & Toubro Ltd 1109.65 1,111.7 1,118.3 1,106.6 1,106.3 1,101.0 1,112.7
ICICI Bank 1043.85 1,047.3 1,058.4 1,039.9 1,039.4 1,029.3 1,048.3
Bhel 167.75 168.4 170.7 166.9 166.7 164.8 169.4
Axis Bank 1267.05 1,272.2 1,288.7 1,261.4 1,260.9 1,245.4 1,273.2
Indusind Bank 397.5 398.8 402.9 395.7 395.2 392.1 399.8
Gail 370.75 372.2 377.0 368.8 368.5 364.5 373.2
Bajaj Auto 1946.35 1,953.3 1,975.6 1,938.9 1,938.6 1,917.1 1,954.3
Lupin 995.45 998.3 1,007.6 992.1 991.8 983.3 999.3
Instructions for Trading:
The levels provided above are Spot levels and not Future levels for both indices and stocks and are only valid for intraday trading. By following spot levels one can initiate the trade in futures market
If the trade is initiated either side, follow the stop loss strictly
If the target or stop loss is hit, advise you to book Profit/Loss immediately. Less risky traders can also book profits early
If the trade is initiated either side and either target or stop loss is not hit or triggered on a particular day of trading, then square off the trade at the end of the day and do not carry any of your positions in the above recommended trading ideas as these are purely intraday levels
If the indices/stock opens above (buy level) or below(sell level) the levels, it means either side trend in intact and should trade with strict stop loss though risk reward changes. Risk-Reward for all the above trading ideas are different so strictly advise you to trade according to your risk appetite.
After the target is achieved either side of the trade and if the market comes back to the trade level again understand the trend first and trade accordingly.

Note – All the above trading ideas were provided to subscribed clients before market opening on this particular day of trading.

Disclaimer: The trading ideas are purely a viewpoint of the blogger and there is no guarantee on the returns. Hence all the visitors are requested to apply their prudence and consult the financial adviser or the blogger at before acting on any of the above recommendations. Trading any financial market involves risk. The contents of this blog are neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell any financial market. The contents of the blog are for general information. Trade at your own risk and the blogger is not responsible for any loss occurred on trading in above ideas. Trading carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade you should carefully consider your investment and trading objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

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